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Love Tips for Boys and Girl

February 6, 2018

You’ve got to hand it to Pamela Anderson who admitted this week that having a toy boy has seriously helped her through the menopause. Better than HRT any day, Pammie. But you don’t have to use a fit youth as medication to know that love is the drug we are all looking to get hooked on.

To share your life with someone who gets you, has your back and is on the same page, even if it’s in Sanskrit and written backwards makes life meaningful and rewarding. Soul mates can be life partners, some come and go from our lives at various times for various reasons, some are friends, occasionally relatives and even come in animal form. Who hasn’t had a dear pet that we connected with who seemed to just “know”?

We weren’t supposed to do this thing called life alone and finding a soul mate or a really good friend is something we all crave and that can happen at any time. I’m a great champion of networking (you’re invited to a special event see below) and finding your tribe or your community can be enormously rewarding.  Allowing intention plus preparedness creates a fabulous opportunity to meet someone wonderful and is something open to all of us if we want it.

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Someone once said, “love is letting go of fear” and all great things in life require risk and an open heart, love is the most important one of all.  It’s an investment we are not sure will pay off but it’s always worth putting a down payment in the love stakes no matter what the odds. Unless you want a cold, under used fearful heart, of course.

If you are dreading the smug loved-up next week as they clutch their red roses and “I Wuv U” teddies here are a few love tips for the searchers, the broken hearted or anyone looking to rouse Eros and nudge Cupid as we lead up to Valentine’s day and beyond.

  • Love is an inside job. I know you want to hear that like you want a wire wool sandwich but it’s true. Start to love your life, your body, your clothes, your environment, your work, your Self.  Practice self forgiveness, get clear of regrets and clean slate yourself for fresh starts.
  • Happy people are attractive. We want to be around them. Needy people make us want to crawl out the third-floor bathroom window, in heels and leaving our best coat in the cloakroom.
  • Our happiness is 100% our own responsibility. It doesn’t start when you expect to meet Mr X or Ms Y.
  • The bad news is no one is going to rescue you. The good news is that you can start to create a life you don’t need a parachute out of.
  • If you keep catching rotten fish, then change the bait. It could be your instinct barometer needs re calibrating.
  • If you have low self-esteem, low standards, poor boundaries, and your discernment historically runs into minus figures get help. We are energetic beings who, like lighthouses, beam out signals which can attract the very thing that serve to hurt and compound our issues.
  • Do what you love. If you love film noir, mambo, steam punk or Pomeranians are your passion go to meet ups, workshops, festivals, or day courses where you will meet similar minded people.
  • Actions speak louder than words – have strong boundaries around being stood up by phone or by person, routine lateness or thoughtless behaviour. Our love goggles can make us blind to bad behaviour.
  •  You can compromise but what you choose to tolerate can be the deal breakers.
  •  A romantic relationship is the icing on the cake. Make sure your cake is already delicious.

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