Choosing the right coach

10 Super Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Life Coach for You

Selecting the perfect life coach to support, challenge and cheer lead you to your goals is so important.

You have to trust your life coach and like their coaching style and feel at ease in sharing this amazing journey to your potential.

Carole Ann Rice - the Real Coach

So be sure to check the following points:

  • What is it I want? Getting clarity can be the first goal you can work on with a coach. When you get clear on what you wish to achieve and what would be important to you and look for that in a coach.
  • What kind of coach do I need? There’s a coach for everybody out there. Business coaches, holistic, new age, kick ass, relaxation, literary, career, bald-headed, bearded and grey-suited or healer and kaftan and crystal coaches. What would suit you and your style? I coach with humour, insight and intuitively get to the core issue quickly and effectively; skills honed after coaching for 16 years and legions of clients. I challenge and I go gently too but my agenda is to get you what your want on your terms.
  • How much should I pay? All coaching is an investment in you. You also have to be prepared to invest in emotional equity and give it time and patience too. With me you are paying for many years of expertise of coaching career professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and start ups and folk serious about getting the most out of their life.
  • Do I prefer structure or a more bespoke approach? I don’t use A-Z programmes. My coaching sessions are totally customised to suit your needs, your goals and your personality. I have a fluid approach that deceptively belies a steely intention to fast track you to your desired dream. You will feel understood (at last!), supported and reassured you are in really safe hands while you do the work in changing your life.
  • What results have they achieved with other clients? Do look at the testimonials and if need be ask to speak to a satisfied client. On my website you will see many testimonials from all types of people and different stages in their lives. Let their stories guide you.
  • What results have they achieved in their lives? One of the great things about being a coach is that you have to walk your talk. I have overcome a phobia of public speaking, written two books, run a half marathon (despite being sports phobic and known as “Carole the Barrel” at school), regularly been featured in the press and on TV and have my own coaching academy too where I train other people to be world class coaches too.
  • Will the coach give me advice? In a word NO. We come from the position that you have all the great abilities within you to get to where you want to be. We help you find your key to unlock your own talent so you are powerfully able to create a life you will live not just now but for ever more.
  • Do I have chemistry with the coach? This is essential. You have to like and trust your coach or the process wont work. If you feel it’s a mismatch of personality or you don’t trust them try another coach. Equally the coach may say that they don’t see the relationship being a good fit and may recommend another coach.
  • Does the coach have a coach? Yes. Always. When I first graduated I hired the best coaches I could afford in order to learn from the masters. I still have a coach to help pull me up to greater levels and keep me at my best.
  • What does my heart say? You should feel optimistic, thrilled, excited and really engaged with the idea of working with this coach. Coaching is a serious business but it can also be fun, enlightening and deeply life changing. You should feel truly joyous to be working with the coach of your choice. It’s your life so choose the right coach to make it a truly awesome one.

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