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5 Myths About Life Coaching

May 2, 2019

Life coaching has become incredibly popular in the last decade, but despite its growing popularity it’s still misunderstood by many. There is often a lot of confusion over what the role of a life coach is and what they can do to help you. From this confusion a plethora of myths and misunderstandings have been born over the role of a life coach.

As one of the UK’s top Life Coaches, I know a thing or two when it comes to the art.

Today, I’m sharing 5 myths that people have about life coaching.
  1. They tell their clients what to do and how to do it – coaches actually encourage each client to come up with the best goals and choices for their vision of the future. And then they help the client adopt the behaviour that will allow them to achieve their goals. In other words, life coaching isn’t therapy; a life coach helps clients to use their own tools to find their own solutions to their problems.
  2. They only provide short-term help – coaches don’t give advice or instructions depending on situations; they focus on helping their clients change their behaviour. That is far more valuable than telling someone what to do. Instead of listening to all the reasons their clients can’t do something, coaches help their clients dream, explore and stretch.
  3. They have a perfect life – many people think life coaches have had perfect lives, but sometimes it can be quite the opposite. A life coach simply has an interest in helping others reach their potential. Things like illness, divorce, weight, loss and trauma can actually work in their favour to develop a strong empathy with others.
  4. They have had a long life – another common misconception is that life coaches have led long thorough lives but in reality, they can start coaching at any time they want. It’s the experiences that help them to become a great life coach. Remember quality not quantity!
  5. They are exhausted listening to your problems – the role of a life coach is to help you, so it isn’t exhausting for them to listen to you otherwise they wouldn’t want to be a life coach! The role of a life coach is not to take on any burdens you may have but to help you overcome them.

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