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C is for Confidence

Welcome! I’m Carole Ann Rice, a coach and a recovering shy-aholic.

My greatest fear in life is that I make it to my dying day full of regret that I didn’t do what my heart desired out of fear. Is this how you feel?

YOU are looking at this because you are feeling opportunity is passing you by, that YOU are getting in the way of you reaching your personal and professional potential and you’ve had it UP to HERE with someone else – less talented and less lovely – getting the breaks and living the life you would like to lead.

On my Comfortable Confidence Course I am going to share with you some highly effective and esoteric tools to teleport you into increased assertiveness in just 21 days. And all for less than the price of a coffee a day!

Sign Up

By signing up and doing what I instruct I guarantee you will gain many new options in your life such as:

  • No more avoidance
  • No more people pleasing or worrying about what others think
  • Self sabotaging behaviour – I’m talking to the masters and mistresses of procrastination out there
  • You will go from rabbit in the headlights to a road runner
  • Opportunities will no longer pass you by
  • Say goodbye to envy, resentment and jealousy
  • Saying “It’s all right for them”
  • You will stop apologizing for being you.
In Return

On completing my Comfortable Confidence Course you can expect to:

  • Make less excuses.
  • Speak up for yourself – in the boardroom, at home or in any conflict situation.
  • You will find your VOICE and believe in it.
  • Feel more energy as opportunity and possibility open up to you.
  • Develop a can-do attitude as you come out of a cloud of self doubt and fear.
  • You will be less resistant.
  • Sleep better.



Now it’s time to sign up and start getting Comfortable with being Confident!

Don’t avoid, don’t procrastinate and if anyone is thinking – this is not for me – you can go straight to the head of the queue. It takes 21 days to get closer to a life you’ll love living.

21 emails and 3 videos over the course of 3 weeks.

PROGRAMME COST: £45.00 – that’s less than the cost of a coffee a day!

Ready to start changing your life?

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