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The Psychic Ding – Coaching Really Is Your Calling

November 19, 2020

You know the feeling.
First of all it’s a whisper that urges you to look up suddenly as though you’ve had a psychic tug.
It’s a gentle nudge, a magazine article that resonates, a friend you have helped that becomes a call to arms and pretty soon it’s a calling. 
“Can I do that? I can do that. I’m already am doing that. I want to become coach.”
Well done.  Your life purpose has made a collect call and connected.
It may feel like a supernatural bit of synchronicity, (and I’m all for a bit of woo woo “right time, right place I knew this would happen” alignment, but only you will know this call to your purpose has been a long time coming.  
All the rest has been divine homesickness.
You have now come home.
How to Know It’s For You
You are the go-to guy or gal at parties who is the shoulder to cry on, the speed-dial buddy to call when another Tinder date morphed from “the most” to ghost and you seem to get a real kick out of helping others. It feels good. It’s easy. It’s who you are. It’s who you’ve always been.
Imagine getting paid for doing it too. Learning why people do things and how you can help affect real and sustainable change whilst becoming part of a global movement dedicated to human potential. 
Sound good? Trust me it’s awesome.
Are you feeling it? Then spend the run up to Christmas thinking of joining us in February 2021 for the next term of the Pure Coaching Academy.
Now in its 8th year we are paving the way for coach training excellence.
Feeling that tug again? Action it by taking the next step and booking a chat with me to find out more. Book here.
Make 2021 the year you changed your life and your career and never looked back.
Visit the website to download the new free ebook “The Five Essential Tips for New and Aspiring Coaches”.

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