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What’s the view like from your high horse?

May 24, 2019

You don’t have to be one of those “gals” who had love affairs with ponies and gymkhanas when the rest of us were drooling over David Bowie and stealing yellow eye shadow from Woolworths to have an equine leaning.

Every one of us has been able to saddle up quicker than the Lone Ranger on a 999 call and mount our high horse when we feel necessary. What is the high horse exactly? It’s the place of superiority we climb up to when we feel those around us are not meeting the grade, have over stepped the line and we want to show people that we are put out and mean business by having an expansive huff.

Tales of Woah

What might feel like a dream ride into Making A Point-Ville is very quickly becoming a one horse town of disconnect and loneliness. You may feel right and feel you need to show others your lofty stance but what starts off as a high horse stance quickly throws its imperious head back and morphs into a complete night mare.

Sorry, but I want to help you step down and see that such stances in life can cause relationship break ups, family estrangement and deep resentment which can create sadness and alienation.

Instead of taking the high horse try:

  • Get in touch with your higher self not lofty one
  • Learn to develop a taste for humble pie – it’s worth it to keep the peace
  • Understand we are all fallible and other people see things differently
  • Be curious rather than right.
  • Always forgive for your own sake, for peace and for grace.
  • Value connection – it’s all we have in the end

I am dedicated to helping people have the best lives, the ones that deep down know they should be living and want to claim. Why not book a call to find out what I can do for you?

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