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When the Headlines Give You Head Lines

October 21, 2020

Anxiety from watching the news

So what do you want to talk about?

Let’s face it we aren’t in deficit. Here are some real beauts to chow down on:

Covid-19. Lock downs and their efficacy. Face masks. The economy. Double dip recessions. Trump. Biden. Boris. Brexit. Burnham. Black Lives Matter. JK Rowling. 10pm curfews. The Trans Movement. Vaccines. Extinction Rebellion. Loo roll stockpiling. Twitter pile-ons. Zoom shoulder. Greta. The NHS. Colonialism. Gender vs Sex. Long Covid. The EU. Me Too. Cancelled Christmas. Cancel culture. Existential meltdowns. Life …

Phew! Take your pick.

Ordinarily any one of the above would have been sufficient to create enough tossing and turning all night to register as an HIT workout on your Fitbit.

It’s no wonder then you are feeling flat and defeated, lacking focus; a bit “what’s the point?” You’re not alone.

So we eat, drink, shop online for useless “treats” and wait. The lockdown lard piles on and it can’t just be me who winces when “compliancy” is now considered an Orwellian value in the land of the free.

Anxiety from watching the news: What to do?

  • For a start stop looking at the news and search for the positive for there is plenty out there. There really is. Notice and relish.
  • Show yourself a lot of compassion – now is not the time for self-recrimination and harshness.
  • Some days are better than others – accepting that helps.
  • Find the control you need by staying in the present and doing what you can to support yourself and keep your dreams alive in the present.
  • Don’t compare your life to others – you’ve no idea what their story is and if it’s on Insta it’s probably far from the truth.
  • Keep a diary or a journal of this time to help tame your thoughts and what a great moment in time to record and look back on.
  • Get there most stuff is out of your hands – let go of a need to control.
  • Make space in the diary for fun. Literally diarise it and equally make space for creative loafing. Bizarrely doing very little can be very liberating.
  • Write a list of what you want and what you need. So easy to write the What I Don’t Want list. Get clarity on your expectations for life.
  • Wave the white flag – give yourself a break and surrender sometimes. Resistance is pointless. This will pass.
Oh and get a coach.
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