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Below you will find just a few of the many client success stories.
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  • Client's stories, in their own words...


  • Chris's Story

    After a split with a girlfriend and redundancy Chris Smith opted for a kill-or-cure course of medication to repair damaged self-esteem. He left his home in Worcestershire on a bicycle, and thirteen months later - having worn out three sets of tyres, three chains, two pairs of boots and fallen off six times - he arrived in Beijing.

    Producing a book about the epic ride took almost three times as long as pedalling those 16,500 miles because mountains, headwinds, sandstorms, stomach bugs and saddle-soreness are a piece of cake compared to the scepticism of publishers when faced by a work from an untried and untested author. With the pile of rejection slips growing as his self-belief diminished, Chris turned to Carole Ann.

    Carole Ann's wisdom, support and unwavering belief in me helped to keep me focused on my dream and eventually realise my ambition of becoming a published author, says Chris.

    Chris does regular presentations and slideshows and was invited to speak in 2006 (along with Bill Bryson) at Bewdley's annual arts festival. He is now working on a second book.

    Learn more about Chris at www.cycleuktochina.com and order his book Why Don't You Fly?
    (£9.99 Pen Press Publishing)

  • Lucy's Story

    Finding time for herself and her creative visions was the initial issue Lucy wanted coaching around. A full time carer for her sick mother and mum herself to 2 small boys, to add to her stress she had just moved sticks with her husband and family and set up home in somewhat neglected pub/hotel in a remote part of Scotland.

    I simply didn't have any time for me any more. My dreams were on hold and I put myself last on my list of priorities. But Carole Ann gently helped me order my time and thoughts and take baby steps towards creating and selling my handbags and developing a studio to work in and sell them from, says Lucy.

    Two years on and Lucy's wild and wonderful hand made bags and novelty toys are selling in chic boutiques and top department stores in Scotland and she is creating quite a name for herself amongst the fashionistas.

    Check out her brilliant handbags at www.lucymoose.com and innovative creations at www.stuffyourdoodles.com

  • Neil's Story

    On the surface Neil Gregory would've seemed to have had it all. Director of Investment and Research at an internationally renowned academic institution, a home with a breathtaking view, good family life and nice little boat for weekend pottering. But something didn't add up.

    A seam of dissatisfaction ran through his working day. A corporate conflict of values and management changes drove Neil to seeking help via coaching.

    I went from loving the job to it suddenly being a role I didn't like or recognize. I realized I'd been in the position too long but felt locked in and was unable to move, he says.

    Within 2 years Neil has skyrocketed himself to success and now heads his own biotechnology company, has moved home and is enjoying all aspects of life once more.

    Coaching helped me see the possibilities I had before me, built my confidence to achieve them and helped me reassess my perceptions of where I was and where I was going. My old colleagues are still as unhappy as I was back then and all the tea in China wouldn't make me want to turn the clock back despite the scary moments I have in my new venture. I am one happy client.

  • Sam's Story

    Hard to believe it now looking at this lovely confident looking woman standing atop the Empire State Building that she came to coaching 6 stones overweight, a smoker and with fear holding her back in her career.

    Working in retail Sam always wanted to get to the top of her profession but felt her weight and shyness held her back. Six stones lighter, happily ensconced in a new relationship and no longer smoking she can hardly believe her own stratospheric progress.

    Not only have I had promotion in my current job I am just about to move into a managerial role on a much higher salary in a top new company. Carole Ann has helped me achieve this by giving me practical tools on helping me communicate effectively, building my confidence and always being supportive when I've felt like giving up, says Sam.

    My next challenge is I'm planning to do a 5km run! Even I struggle to believe the "then" and "now".

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Strategies to move forward

Carole Ann has a gift for giving you strategies to move forward in unexpected ways. She points out the thing that you are too close to see. . By applying the techniques that were specific to one particular professional problem to personal other blocks and difficulties, I had several Eureka! moments, finding quick solutions to problems that were bothering me for years.

Michele Kirsch - journalist, The Times

I am knocked out by my current life

Just a quick bit of feedback to say that I am knocked out by my current life. Every day this week I have felt that I am having the best day of my life, and then the next day is better! It is nothing short of a miracle. Do you know, I have honestly wondered whether I am having an attack of hypomania, but I’m not. Been singing, teaching at London Uni, mentoring new saxophone group, sang at Festival Hall on massive stage to hundreds of people... all wonderful stuff.

If coaching got me here, why aren't I still having it? Seriously!

Jo, General Practioner, Kent Follow me on Twitter