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Media Mastery Workshop - harness the power of the Press for you and your business - Date TBA - Richmond

With over 20 years print media experience Carole Ann will show you how to get you and your business featured in the press, the do's and don't's of speaking to a journalist and how to define your story so you and your business become newsworthy.

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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Successful Life Coach - TBA - Richmond

Do you want to be a Coach? Do you want to have a profession with meaning and purpose where you can rock people's worlds, change lives and make a difference? Perhaps you are facing redundancy and have a natural affinity to help people and coaching is calling to you. Or maybe you are a coach but want to build an impressive practice rather than just get by.

Before you do anything more, invest in courses, marketing packages that may not work or yet another training programme to bolster your skills - you need to book a place on my one day Everything You Need To Know About Being a Successful Life Coach.

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The Abundant Thinking Programme

"A wonderful opportunity to take an holistic look at your money story!  An informal but informative session with a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs!  Carole Ann and Susan make it seem real, fun and most of all accessible Enjoy...."

Helen Gormley

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