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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Successful Life Coach Course

On my Everything You Need to Know About Being a Successful Life Coach course you will learn:

  • How to create your niche and successfully brand yourself and your business
  • How to charge what you are worth and get people to pay for your services
  • How to market yourself on social media, workshops, public speaking and networking
  • How to create a buzz about you and what you are doing so that you differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • How to master an effortless sales pitch and "closing the sale" strategies
  • Discover the secrets that really work in attracting clients and the common mistakes people always make
  • How to harness the power of the press to raise your profile and become a client magnet
  • How to create a passive income through courses, teleclasses and downloads
  • How to develop a commercial, business mindset that will ensure your success
  • How to attract good clients who honour your services and pay your rate card and stay clients
  • How to set your business up so it works effortlessly for you
  • How to avoid the expensive and time wasting pitfalls of running a coaching practice
  • How to make real money and not just get by as a coach

The Everything You Need to Know About Being a Successful Life Coach course is what I wished I had known when I first started out and contains all the knowledge and expert information it has taken me years to gather. I have worked with some of the UK's top wealth and life coaches and invested thousands of pounds in my business and my own personal development to create the successful practice I have today.

This course is an investment for anyone considering becoming a coach or wants to make more of their current practice.

*Please note this is not a life coaching course but a business development course if you are a coach or thinking of becoming one.

Date: TBA

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What they say

  • Carole Ann is a pillar of the anti-establishment Stephen Fry
  • She made an interview painless Eve Arnold, friend and photographer of Marilyn Monroe
  • A writer of great insight Graham Smith, couture milliner to royalty
  • More than just a coach, an absolute support in getting my book published Chris Smith, Author, Why Don't You Fly?
  • Carole Anne provided valuable insight to our campaign and her enthusiasm and professionalism made our events a success! Cristina De Parres, Corporate Communications Manager, Visa Europe.
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