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She's been absolutely invaluable

Two years ago, Carole Ann helped me work up the confidence to fight and overcome depression. She helped me kick-start a personal transformation journey & over the last two years I've lost 50kgs in weight and gone from being unable to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath to being a competitive rower, competing in a national indoor rowing championship and at Henley Women's Rowing Regatta. This year, Carole Ann is helping me take my vision of sharing what I know about weight loss with others and making it into a business. When I'm feeling confused and like I can't reach my goals, Carole Ann helps me calm down, clarify where I am and what I want and gives me what I call The Knowledge - massive self belief that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to! She's been absolutely invaluable, and I will be back for more coaching next time I hit a wall! Thanks.

Maxine Loader

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