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Business, Professional and Personal

Want to start your own business? Would you like to open a café or run a B&B?   How about learning how be a successful coach or be a professional VA or personal trainer?   Would you like your curries or cupcakes to be on sale at the top supermarkets?  Try a www.cleveracorn.com one day course which will give you allthe answers and insider track and what it takes to do what you want to do by a professional willing to share their knowledge and expertise.
Start your business with confidence and wisdom and with expert ease.

Joanne Sumner offers a range of simple and effective holistic services that facilitate your body and mind’s creativity and healing power to increase your health and happiness. Find out more at www.joannesumner.com

Make a difference and join the Women of Action network. This network is helping some of the poorest women in Bangladesh to discover their potential, restore their dignity and lift their children out of poverty. Visit www.womenofaction.co.uk to find out more.

Professional Career Planning & Job Search Consultants based in Central London and the City: www.careerbalance.co.uk

I stay healthy with Positively Slim: How to live healthy everyday through nutrition, fitness, yoga & mind/body sessions. Join the online community at: http://positivelyslim.ning.com/


These are personal development works that I know really work:

My book of course Find Your Dream Job - co-written with Sarah Wade - True stories and proven strategies for getting a job you love - Buy my book

A former client and hero of the highways Chris Smith's book Why Don't You Fly? (Pen Press) is an epic tale of endurance and existential angst as it records his cycled journey from Bewdley to Beijing. Find out more at www.cycleuktochina.com

If you don't know where to go next in your career try Finding Your Own North Star By Martha Beck (Piatkus) - a coach with a fabulous sense of humour who takes you through the process of finding your own life's purpose.

Also by this author The Joy Diet should be a daily companion.

If you are on the cusp of wanting a complete change in your life but need that extra push then Making The Big Leap by Suzy Greaves is a must. A heroically brilliant coach Suzy helps you identify the beliefs that may be holding you back and supports you through the fear barrier and into a new life. Highly recommended. Available from book@thebig-leap.com.

Loving What Is by Byron Katie looks at how to accept life, no matter how awful the circumstances may be or have been, and how to be a victor not a victim of it.

Feminist theologian and fine thinker Jo Ind's two works Fat Is A Spiritual Issue and Memories of Bliss (Mowbray) take a spiritual look at our relationship with our bodies and sexuality.

Yummy Stuff

Another former client Lucy Easton makes wonderful affordable handbags, which are selling like hot cakes amongst the fashionistas of Scotland. Choose yours at www.lucymoose.com

For a totally original gift idea why not have on of your doodles stuffed? Check out Lucy's delightful concept at www.stuffyourdoodles.com

If you are looking for baby and toddler gifts and clothes with elan and elegance then babye www.babye.co.uk specialises in exquisite maternity wear and contemporary designer baby gifts and products. Gift wrapped they can be shipped both UK and internationally.

No job is too big or too small for the green goddess of the garden design world Lesley Faux. She has transformed people’s lives via her flora and fashionable designs which are much more affordable than you may imagine. London based, why not check out what she can do for your borders at www.designedgardens.co.uk

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I am ticking off my goals faster than I could have imagined

Carole Ann has guided me to a more personally rewarding and yet calmer life. She is perceptive and practical. When I started with her I was reasonably happy with my life and a confident, pro-active person, but felt that I was constantly rushing around, yet not really fulfulling my own personal goals. Somehow, she has made my life calmer and slower and yet I am actually achieving more each day. With her intelligence, insight and pragmatism, I am ticking off my goals faster than I could have imagined, I cannot thank her enough.

Natalie Benjamin, Project Manager, Financial Ombudsman Service Follow me on Twitter