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Meet Your Coach

One of UK's leading life coaches, Carole Ann Rice tells the story behind her practice; the journey to becoming a coach and the philosophy she has developed to help people find success in their daily lives.

Carole Ann RiceOf course you need to know who I am. You want to make sure your life will be in safe hands and with that in mind I'd say you've come to the right place.

It’s important that you shop around to find the right coach that is the right fit for you. There’s one out there for everyone. If you are looking for a coach who uses compassion as well as passion, coaches with humour as well as humanity and believes you can get more out of life than you currently are, then read on.

The REAL Coach

Amongst the myriad of specialists of my profession I call myself the REAL coach. Why? Because in short, I've been there:

  • Like you have tried things that didn't work and wasted time and money on things that make false promises and leave you spiraling into despair.
  • I was once so attached to struggle my life was so blocked it was either phone Dynorod or hire a coach!
  • I was drawn by a series of life crises - divorce, redundancy, weight issues, unexpected family tragedies, the usual gamut to seeking help via a coach before cynicism and resentment became part of my DNA.

A brief biog...

A self-taught journalist who has written for many of the nationals (The Sun, The Express, The Independent on Sunday, The Mirror, The Birmingham Post as well as She and Red magazines) I have independently devised and presented several network TV shows and documentaries in my time.

But hiring a coach, and later training to be become one, turned out to be one of the most empowering personal decisions I have made.

I trained for 3 years at the internationally renowned CoachU academy (www.coachinc.com) and am a member of the International Coach Federation www.coachfederation.org and in the last five years I have coached scores of people from scientists, lawyers and GPs to mums at home, students and stressed executives.

I regularly coach at the London School of Economics and my corporate work includes The Carbon Trust, South Bank University, Universities UK and McCann Erickson advertising.

As a high profile coach I am regularly featured in the press (Harpers Bazaar, Metro News, Bella, Prima, Pride, Glamour, Sainsbury's magazine, The Times) and I also run a highly successful corporate coaching company www.realcoachingsolutions.co.uk with my colleague coach Susan Tomlinson as well as being an associate of www.thebig-leap.com and www.leadingcoaches.com

For two years I was Visa's elected coach to represent their Love Every Day campaign and I am regularly featured in the Press from the Daily Express and Red to Psychologies and New Woman magazine.

I am married to a political journalist and have two children and we live very happy lives in London.

I have stood where you are today and wasted time and money on false promises. Coaching truly takes you beyond your expectations.

If I hadn't lived it I couldn't deliver it.

Contact Carole Ann Rice of the Real Coaching company by telephone 020 8566 2862 or book your trial coaching session.

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Forgive what sounds like hype

Forgive what sounds like hype; it is not, indeed quite the opposite. I found coaching session with Carole Ann to be intensely rewarding and valuable. They have helped transform my perceptions and attitude towards work, colleagues and substantive tasks. I am an extremely happy client

Neil Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, Nanoproteomics Follow me on Twitter